Learning a language from home

We look at some of the best ways to pick up a foreign language without leaving the sofa

1. Get aN 'Online Language Partner'

Italki is a website which connects online language teachers with language learners, and we’ve written about their service in more detail here. However, they also offer a totally free ‘language partner’ search, where you can find native speakers of the language you are studying, contact them, and then exchange languages via Skype – great motivation to keep studying and to increase your fluency.

2. AUdible Books

Try to state as clearly as possible what your language goals are for 2020. Then create a road-map for how you can achieve them. General goals like: ‘become fluent in French’, are easier to forget about and difficult to evaluate, however if you write down: ‘learn the 200 most important verbs in French’, it is very clear what success or failure will be, and easier to create steps to achieve the former. 

3. Innovative Language Podcasts

4. ACtual Books

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French and German learner, Leeds - via meetup.com

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