Learning a language from home

We look at some of the best ways to pick up a foreign language without leaving the sofa

1. Get aN 'Online Language Partner'

Italki offer a totally free ‘language partner’ search, where you can find native speakers of the language you are studying, contact them, and then exchange languages via Skype or by email – a great motivation to keep studying and to increase your fluency in a 1-1 setting. Italki also has a very large teacher database if you are looking for online lessons.

2. Try Our Online Language Exchange

Every Thursday from 7pm (UK time) we organise an ‘online language exchange’ – a place we can meet online for free and practise different languages we are learning. We normally get around 40 participants each week, and we separate ourselves into different online ‘room’ where we can practise specific languages.

3. Podcasts and Audio Books

Listen to a foreign language audio book, or pre-recorded lessons that guide you through the beginning steps of learning a language – there are now a lot of options when it comes to language learning via podcasts and audio books. Audible has a really extensive selection of language learning publications available (many of them available for free with their 30 day trial). 

Another popular choice is Innovative Language Podcasts who have developed well structured audio lessons for over 30 different languages. Find out more about them here.

4. Online Lessons Via Skype

Due to the current situation, we have halved the price of our trial online lessons, so that you can now take a 1 hour lesson with one of our qualified languages teachers for just £5. You can also choose a teacher who lives in your area, so that when the lockdown conditions are lifted, you can continue the lessons face-to-face if you prefer. 

"A very good way of bringing language fans together. Thank you"
French and German learner, Leeds - via meetup.com

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