5 (free) Apps For Language Learning


It has never been easier to study a language in your free time, so stop checking Instagram, uninstall Tinder, and try our 5 recommended apps to improve your language skills:


No list of language apps can start without mentioning Duolingo, and If you’re learning a language, you have probably already heard of it. Duolingo is the most popular language learning app in the world, and it’s completely free.


  • Uses gamification to make the language learning process fun
  • Nearly 100 different language courses to take
  • Open, easy to use interface


  • Large focus on vocabulary makes it difficult for beginners who want to learn how to have a conversation.

2. BUsuu


The special thing about Busuu is that you can work directly with native speakers of your target language to receive corrections on your language use – for free!

If you are using a computer www.lang8.com does a very similar thing.

  • Native speakers correct your work for free
  • Contribute to the site by making corrections of other users’ work
  • Full courses available


  • Most of the features in the full courses require payment

3. Memrise


If you like learning by flashcards, then Memrise is the app for you. This electronic flashcard app is designed to help people memorise information, which makes it perfect for vocabulary training.

  • Create your own flashcard ‘courses’ for specific things you are learning
  • Hundreds of courses available which have been created by other language learners on various topics
  • Completely free


  • Great for vocabulary memorisation, however not the best app for listening or pronunciation exercises

4. Italki


Italki connects language learners with online teachers so that you can take private lessons via Skype on your phone or laptop, however It also offers an online language partner service for free, so you can connect with other language learners and swap languages on Skype at no cost.


  • Online language exchange community of over 3,000,000
  • Cheap private lessons – prices from less than £5 per hour
  • Huge range of languages available


  • No ‘courses’ – online private lessons or language exchanges only
Read our full review here:

5. BeelinguaPP

Beelinguapp allows you to view the same text in two languages at the same time – so you can effortlessly use your native language as an aid/reference while reading, or using the app’s unique Karoake audio option. 

There are texts available in 13 languages currently, from Scientific papers to fairy tales, and new texts being added each week.

"A very good way of bringing language fans together. Thank you"
French and German learner, Leeds - via meetup.com

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