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iTutor is an umbrella organisation for online schools with adult and child English students from China, Japan and Korea, so it offers a good mix of teaching opportunities. Pay is $10-30 per hour and there is no mock class needed for current online teachers.


With Italki there is no interview process – instead you set up your own profile on their site, with the rate you would like to charge, and then interested students can find you via their search function. It’s also a really good way to find language partners if you are learning another language.


Palfish allows you to teach from your phone or iPad and currently has a very fast interview process. They offer two ‘courses’ – the official kids course where you are allocated lessons and the pay is higher, or the ‘free talk’ course where you can teach students of all ages and set your own rate. Pay is $10-30 per hour.


No need to book classes, whenever you have a spare hour, simply log in and Cambly will connect you to a student. Students are from all over the world so this offers great variety, and you are paid for how much ‘talk time’ you have. 

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