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Private language tuition in over 20 languages, starting from just £10 per hour.

All teachers checked for experience and qualifications, and a 100% Money back guarantee if you do not find the right teacher for you.


Our language exchanges are the perfect place to meet native speakers and start learning languages through conversation:

3 events every week, and a community of over 6,000 language learners. Full event details and community:
Events every month, and a community of over 10,000 language learners. Full event details and community:
Bi-monthly events, and a community of nearly 1,000 language learners. Full event details and community:

If you’d like help starting your own events and community – email us:

"A very good way of bringing language fans together. Thank you"
French and German learner, Leeds - via

Level Tests

Free online level tests for you to try. Each test is 30 questions long and will give you a basic idea of what CEFR level you are currently at. Please wait up to 20 seconds for the test to load.

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