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All our online language courses are delivered with the same focus on actually learning to communicate in a foreign language, rather than just studying rules and vocabulary lists. We provide an online ‘classroom’ via Zoom, and the maximum number of students in any class is 6. 

Your Italian Teacher

Ciao a tutti! My name is Irene and I am not only a teacher of Italian, but also an English/Italian translator. I’ve been teaching Italian for the past fifteen years, and I have taught university courses as well as small group and individual classes. I have taught in the USA, New Zealand and Italy, as well as in the UK.

I have experience teaching online, and I have just finished an online training course on how to improve my teaching skills in a virtual classroom – so I look forward to meeting my new students through languagexchanges!

"What a great way to get some language skills in Italian before we move to Italy. Myself and my husband are so pleased with the whole experience. Looking forward now to go along to the language exchange sessions to practice our language skills."
Julie & Dan
Italian learners with Irene - via Facebook

If you are unsure of your level, please take our online level test here!

Beginner's Italian - 5 Weeks - 7.5 hours

In 5 weeks, you will learn how to order food and drink, ask for directions, and shop for food and clothing. Ideal if it’s your first time learning Italian.

Weekday evenings. Price online: £50


Please note: this course requires 4 students to run.

IMprover's Italian - 5 Weeks - 7.5 hours

You will learn how to introduce yourself, talk about what you do in your spare time, and accept (or politely decline) an invitation. Perfect if you already know some Italian and you would like to better interact with Italian people.

Weekday evenings. Price online: £50


Please note: this course requires 4 students to run.

Intermediate Italian - 5 Weeks - 7.5 hours

This level is ideal if you already have a good base of Italian. We will focus on how you talk about life events, make plans for the future, use the conditional to make suggestions or polite requests.

Weekday evenings. Price online: £50


Please note: this course requires 4 students to run.

Upper Intermediate & Above Italian

From time to time we also run higher level Italian courses, please enquire below and we will let you know when we are next organising these courses:


"Best way to find local and choose a local teacher, I'm very happy with my choice!"
English learner, Leeds - via Facebook

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