Language Exchange Events - Returning SOon?

It’s been a long time but we finally have some idea of when we will be able to return with our Language Exchange meetups!

Full Events Road Map*

From 8th March (now) – You can meet one other person outside for a 1-1 language exchange

29th March – Meet up to 6 people outside for a small group language exchange

17th May – Meet up to 6 people inside or outside

21st June – The return of our large weekly/monthly events?
*Earliest possible dates

— Remember to join our Whatsapp Groups to organise small language exchanges with people nearby —

How Our Whatsapp Groups WOrk

We have organised two types of Whatsapp group to help you continue to practise your languages:

1) Over 20 different individual language groups where you can practise your reading/writing and speaking (via voice notes).

2) Our location-based Whatsapp groups where you can connect to other language learners in your area, and meet for small language exchanges (where Covid restrictions allow).

Click here to see our full list of groups.

"A very good way of bringing language fans together. Thank you"
French and German learner, Leeds - via

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