Teacher Terms

Please email us at info@languagexchanges.com with any unanswered questions.

Languagexchanges contracts teachers to provide group tuition to language students. The rate per hour will be agreed between Languagexchanges and the teacher before tuition commences. 

Payment will be made on the 7th of each month, for the previous month taught. Payment will be made on the 8th if the 7th is a Sunday. The teacher is required to send an invoice to info@languagexchanges.com stating how many hours they have worked for the previous month, and the agreed hourly rate. Payment will be made by bank transfer. Payment should not be made from the students to the teacher.

Lesson times will be arranged between Languagexchanges, the teacher, and the students.

If students want to continue lessons at the end of the course – they must be directed to email us at info@languagexchanges.com and go through our booking system. If students want private lessons, they must also go through our booking system: https://languagexchanges.com/shop/language-lessons/online-lessons/private-lessons/

If all students cancel less than 24 hours before the lesson time, the teacher will still be paid the full amount for that arranged lesson. The students will be informed, by Languagexchanges, that they are required to pay if they cancel less than 24 hours before the lesson.

If there are exceptional circumstances for why the students needs to cancel less than 24 hours before the lesson, this required payment can be waived if both the teacher and Languagexchanges agree.

If the teacher needs to cancel, Languagexchanges should be informed as soon as possible, and an alternate time and date arranged between the students and teachers. If this is not possible, Languagexchanges reserve the right to find a new teacher for the course.

There is no employer/employee relationship between Languagexchanges and the teacher.